Project supervisor visit



With the project supervisor, Mrs. Željka Kitič, we visited the Šica building under construction in Mala Račna near Grosuplje, as well as the Bober nature center in Rogaška Slatina, also under construction. We also walked to the arranged otter canal on the river Ločica. The field trip was followed by an overview of the completed, current and future activities of the Vezi narave/Veze prirode project.

Workshops for farmers and locals in Vrbovsko

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Enlargement of the home for small animals in the oxbow lake of the river Bistrica

The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Protection […]


Calendar ‘Be in touch with nature 2021’

As part of the ‘Vezi narave’ project, ZRSVN wrote and […]


‘The daily butterflies of Risnjak’ brochure

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