The Vezi narave/Veze prirode project is aimed at preserving the Natura 2000 ecological network, which is made up of areas important for the conservation of endangered species and habitat types of the European Union. So far, around 27,500 areas have been included in this ecological network of almost 20% of EU territory, making it the largest system of preserved areas in the world.


More than 1,000 endangered
and rare species
Natura 2000 (EU)


About 230 natural and
semi-natural habitat types 
Natura 2000 (EU)

Target species

Natura 2000 ecological network

One of the goals of the Natura 2000 network is to preserve or re-establish a favorable status of endangered and rare species. The Vezi narave project will ensure the sustainability of conservation and restoration of target species in Natura 2000 protected areas through planned activities.


Natura 2000 ecological network

The ecological network of the Republic of Croatia covers a total of 52% of the territory (36.73% of land and 15.42% of the coastal area) with a total of 781 Natura 2000 sites. The ecological network of the Republic of Slovenia covers about 38% of the total territory (37.87% of land and 0.03% of the coastal area) and a total of 355 Natura 2000 sites.

The Vezi narave project will carry out its activities in 5 areas of the Natura 2000 ecological network.


781 Natura 2000 areas


355 Natura 2000 areas



Sutla river
Kupa river
NP Risnjak (6)
Radensko field (5)
Kamačnik canyon (2)

Nature centers

Šica, Radensko field (3)
Sutla, Rogaška Slatina (4)

Information points

Zelenjak (1)
Kamačnik canyon (2)

Activities Activities