Researches of saproxylic beetles along Sutla River began


Within the Interreg SI – HR project “Vezi narave/Veze prirode” researchers from the Hyla Association, from 4th– 8th March, started with mapping saproxylic beetles along Sutla River. Through this preliminary terrain, suitable forest communities were searched where the exploration of Great capricorn beetle, Stag beetle and the Hermit beetle will be conducted.  Although it is still early for the activity of our target species, other rare species of beetles during this field survey were found. For example, a Ground beetle Carabus variolosus nodulosus, Click beetle Ischnodes sanguinicollis and Aesalus scarabaeoides from the Stag beetle family (Lucanidae) were recorded. The latter is rare in Croatia, and in Slovenia it was last recorded in 1995 therefore we hope that it will be recorded by our Slovenian colleagues through this project as well.

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